•  Location: Tehran, Iran 

Digital Fabrication Consultant & Operator
3Dprinting, Laser cutting/Engraving
 Full time 

Job description

Digital Fabrication Consultants & Operators in sanatbazar are responsible to help our customers choose the right solution for prototyping and fabricating their products with different manufacturing methods such as 3dprinting, Laser cutting etc. Having enough knowledge about 3d printing (FDM, DLP, SLA, SLS etc.) , How to work with machines (Da vinci 1.0, 3DPE founder 2x, 3DPE Author L Pro & Borna Radiance G-6000) and Experience in CAD modeling (Solidworks, Rhino, Maya etc.) is considered as a requirement for this position. The 3DPrinter/Lasercut operator must check our online dashboard on a regular basis in order to download the files and schedule the 3dprinting/Lasercut work flow. It's also necessary to check the files before printing/laser cutting and to be in contact with our customers if there is any problems (file size, tolerance, saving format issues, body intersection etc.).
If you are interested to join our team send us your CV and SOP (Statement of purpose). please note that review priority and call for interview is given to those CVs with detailed relevant information (according to the requirements referenced below).

Visiting our website and skimming through our 3dprinting services division and content before applying for this position is highly recommended.

Areas of expertise

3d printing technologies (FDM, SLA, SLS), finishing methods & procedures for 3d printed objects, familiar with thermoset resins (Epoxy, Vinylester etc.), thermoplastics materials (ABS, PLA,Polycarbonate etc.) and their areas of application.


Academic background: Engineering College Diploma or BS (Relevant fields such as Mechanics, Materials, Manufacturing)

Language skills: English (intermediate)

Content related skills: Experience working with desktop tools & machines, 3d printing & different prototyping methods, Composite material manufacturing (molding, hand layup, vacuum bagging and infusion), Laser cutting, CNC, Wood working

Soft skills: being creative and innovative is the most important characteristic that an applicant must have for this job opportunity. Focus on assigned tasks with great timing, good scheduling ability, high ability in communication & building relationship with coworkers & team manager, passion in work with big goals.


Total Salary: based on experince


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